Welcome to my new website

Coda Hypnotherapy new websiteI am so excited to be launching a website as a resource for you to know about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy but more importantly what this therapy can help you with!

I am particularly passionate about mental health awareness and the impact of stress and anxiety on our everyday lives.  Whether it’s from workplace stress, having too many responsibilities to juggle, social pressures and general worries or as a result of coping with Menopause symptoms.

I have also started ‘Hypnotherapy for weight management’ classes locally as a course of 4 classes as a different approach to weight management – focusing on how small changes and the way we think, and the use of our subconscious can help with managing our weight.  I’ll post information for the next courses on the website or get in touch if you would like to find out more!  I also provide one to one sessions for weight management.

See the ‘treatments’ tab for a list of just some of the conditions I can help with – these are examples of some of the more common conditions however hypnotherapy can help with so many more.  Please get in touch through the contact form, by e-mail or phone details as provided on the website and we can discuss your next steps.