The Ripple Effect of Hypnotherapy

Clients often report improvements in areas of their lives in addition to what they originally came to hypnotherapy for.  By ‘Emptying the Stress Bucket’ through the process, clients often report being more relaxed and able to sleep better, and who doesn’t want that!

Hypnotherapy can have a great benefit not only for yourself as a client, but also wider for your family and friends. Many others notice and benefit from the ‘Ripple Effect’ as you make positive changes. 

I am delighted when I see a new client from a personal recommendation of a previous client. This is such a fantastic endorsement of what can be achieved and the impact of this process.

I love what I do and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is so fulfilling.  When I have had a positive effect, and I am then trusted to do it for others close to a client is pretty special!.

There are lots of inspiring  quotes about  this ‘Ripple Effect’  however I especially like this excerpt by Margaret Weis –

‘Like a drop in the vast ocean, each of us causes ripples as we move through our lives.  The effects of whatever we do – insignificant as it may seem – spread out beyond us.  We may never know what far reaching impact even the simplest action might have on our fellow mortals’

This is what inspired the ‘Coda Hypnotherapy’ logo  and the website banner.

The Solution Focused approach of the ‘3Ps’ are the ‘Ripple Effect’ in action!

  • Positive Thoughts
  • Positive Actions
  • Positive Interactions

All those small positive changes each of us do in our daily lives can have more impact on ourselves and others than we may ever know.


Coda Hypnotherapy logo
Coda Hypnotherapy logo