Improved, Restful Sleep

I came to Linda as I had been having trouble sleeping for several years and wanted a natural method rather than using medication.  She explained about how the workings of our brain affects our sleep and then put me into a very relaxed state listening to her voice and gave me access to a recording which I listen to before I go to sleep.  Since my sessions with Linda my quality of sleep has improved greatly and I have been having dreams for the first time in years which shows that I am experiencing deep restful sleep. I cannot recommend Linda’s hypnotherapy enough as I feel so much more rested and have a much more positive mindset.

Overcoming Long Term Sleep Issues

I can’t recommend Coda Hypnotherapy enough. I have had problems with my sleeping for some years and was at my wits end so one day whilst visiting family in Helsby I saw the advertising board for Coda outside the tea rooms so contacted Linda via email and my appointment was booked. Everything was explained what would happen during my appointment and I felt very relaxed and reassured. 6 sessions and I’m actually sleeping 100% better no getting up anymore at silly o’clock!!! Feel so much better in myself. Would definitely recommend 100% you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Coda Hypnotherapy you have helped me so much and can’t thank you enough.

Overcoming Fear

First rate, I can highly recommend Linda at Coda Hypnotherapy.  Linda as a therapist is incredibly supportive, caring, understanding and very knowledgeable. My first initial consultation with Linda was where she explained how the process would work for my situation that I was facing and how our brain works in general.  Along with my weekly sessions that I had with Linda over a period of a couple of weeks I also listened to the audio recording of Linda when I needed that extra reassurance.  Having hypnotherapy and using the anchor technique that Linda taught me most definitely helped me overcome the situation that I was facing.  So a big THANK YOU Linda.  I would highly recommend Linda at Coda Hypnotherapy.

Helping a child with a Blood Phobia

Coda Hypnotherapy really helped my 12 year old son with his fear of blood and talking about anything organ & body related. He would have major panic attacks over going into lessons talking about the human body to the point of passing out and being physically sick.  Linda was brilliant with him and his anxiety towards this subject. After one of the sessions he was able to go to the dentist & have a number of teeth removed – awake and having many injections in his mouth.  Linda’s calming voice in her recording helped him at night drift off to a peaceful sleep which was a great added bonus,  Highly recommend Coda Hypnotherapy

Overcoming a Spider Phobia

Best thing I did in 2022 was my sessions with Linda. It’s been absolutely life changing. I went to her with a spider phobia and didn’t have high hopes of it working because my fear was so severe. Well I was wrong, it definitely worked! Just a few sessions in and my phobia was gone. I hadn’t realised how much my phobia affected me on a daily basis. I can now open my windows without worrying, do gardening go into my shed and I’ve been in my loft for the first time ever! I am really grateful for your work, your calm manner, for creating a safe space and the clear explanations. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

Anxiety and getting ‘ME’ back

I cannot thank Linda enough for the help she gave me when I suffered from acute anxiety, a condition I’d never had before. She guided me through the whole process with a calm caring professionalism. She helped me see this was something I had no control over feeling, and gave me the tools to deal with it at the time and going forward. I genuinely can not thank her enough. She helped me get ‘ME’ back.

‘Mental Reset’-Anxiety recovery

I came to Linda with an open mind to try a new approach to my anxiety recovery journey after 6 years of trying different methods of counselling, medication and self- help techniques. I noticed almost immediately the benefits that Linda was able to provide and was able to use these new techniques throughout the day whenever I needed a ‘mental reset’. It was great to touch base every week in the sessions and also remind myself of the progress that I was making in my healing process. I can’t thank Linda enough for the help she has given me and allowed me to move forward in a positive direction with my life.